Influence or Be Influenced

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

One morning while on vacation in Mexico with Renee, I was taking an early morning walk along the beach. The sun wasn’t quite up yet and Renee was still sleeping. I had some quiet time alone with the Lord. As I was walking and talking with the Lord, a question rose up in my heart. “What would you do if you were here to stay? How would you stay strong in your walk with Me and continue to have an influence for Me?” I knew that the Lord wasn’t suggesting I live there. I somehow just knew that He wanted me to think through this thought to remind me that either you purpose to have an influence for Him no matter where you are, or you get influenced by the atmospheres around you.

One thing was sure – the resort type atmospheres did not support anything but the temptation to yield to carnal behaviors. It was a fabulous place to relax but it was also a place where people seemed to let go of every restraint with many taking up drinking alcoholic beverages as a competitive sport. People sat around the pool drinking and eating all day. They talked about their drinking escapades from the night before. They shared past drinking stories. They were busy creating new drinking stories. I didn’t get the impression that there were too many people sitting around thinking about Jesus and the Christ life. And so, as I thought it over, it did not seem as though the atmospheres there were spiritually supportive. I’ve watched people backslide on vacations and crumble under the pressure and temptations at times like for God

Jeremiah the prophet had a difficult life because of what he was obedient to do for the Lord. He was the Lord’s spokesman in very negative and ungodly atmospheres. God’s people Israel were backslidden. God instructed Jeremiah to warn them to repent from their idol worship and sinful lifestyles or judgment would overtake them. They were so backslidden and hard hearted, they didn’t want to hear it. They hated Jeremiah because they were running from God. The worldly people also hated Jeremiah because they thought he was a religious kook. So he was hated by the world, and he was hated by God’s people. He was lonely. He was discouraged. Unbeknownst to him, he was being influenced by the negative influences around him. His attitude began to slip and he got whiny before the Lord. He fell into a pity party. He whined that he couldn’t count on God – that God wasn’t there to help him like he wanted.

Jeremiah said to the Lord, “I never joined the people in their merry feasts. I sat alone because your hand was on me. I burst with indignation at their sins. Why then does my suffering continue? Why is my wound so incurable? Your help seems as uncertain as a seasonal brook. It is like a spring that has gone dry.” (Jeremiah 15:17-18)

God quickly chastised Jeremiah about his attitude. “The LORD replied, “If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me. If you speak words that are worthy, you will be my spokesman. You are to influence them; do not let them influence you!” (Jeremiah 15:19-20) The Lord said that Jeremiah had to return to God. He was backslidden. Not to the degree of the people around him, but he was slipping. His attitude was being influenced by the negative influences around him. His hope was diminishing. They were pulling him down. He told Jeremiah – “You are to influence them; do not let them influence you!”

christian1This is the challenge we all face. You are meant by God to be the influencer for Him – not to let others drag you down to their carnal lifestyles and selfish and poor attitudes. Renee and I have purposed to remember that at any minute of any day, we may have the opportunity to influence someone. It may be with words, or with the witness of our behavior, or maybe through an act of kindness. We purpose to influence at home, on vacation, or wherever we are.

We are just like you. Things could get to us and pull us down. It would affect our influence. That’s why we think about it a lot – so that we don’t forget what our life is all about and blow it!

When we are on vacation we get up early to worship the Lord and read. We talk about the word and then pray together as we look out over the ocean. We aren’t loud but I’m sure loud enough where someone could hear if they were close enough or if they wanted to listen in. We do don’t care if there are people around us. They are the same people talking about their drinking escapades. When we swim or go on the beach for a walk, we leave our Bibles or Christian literature on our pool chairs where others might notice them. We’ve had Christian couples that have noticed and stopped by to introduce themselves.

No matter where we are, we purpose to spend time with the Lord and pray to be a light and to be used. Light always attracts and opens the door to influencing others in some way for the Lord. As Jeremiah learned, no one is exempt from being influenced. You will create your atmospheres to keep you strong and then work to be influence for the Lord or you will get caught up in the carnal attitudes and atmospheres around you and be influenced. As God said, “You are to influence them; do not let them influence you!”

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

Published by Pastor Tim Burt
Copyright© 2013All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Influence or Be Influenced

  1. We are to be a light in this dark world. A light in the dark will attract and lead out of darkness.
    Thank you, Pastor Burt for the life lesson.


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