About Pastor Tim Burt

Pastor Tim has been an Associate Pastor at Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, MN from 1989 until May 31st, 2017 in which He and His wife retired so that they may pursue the tremendous growth of their ministry “Fresh Manna,” and teaching conferences and seminars through Tim & Renee Burt Ministries. Prior to LWCC, he worked Northwest Airlines. In 1985 he founded and was President of American Infant Care Products which marketed his patented invention, the first fold-down commercial infant changing table now used worldwide in public restrooms St. Pete 2

Tim and his wife Renee created a Small Group Ministry when the church was about 800 people in size. Today LWCC is a church of over 11,000 people led by Sr. Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond. He continues to lead a diverse Small Group Ministry of over 200 groups. Tim’s responsibilities also include oversight over the Visitor and Member Relations Department, Leadership and Volunteer Development, and the Pastoral Care Department. Pastor Tim is also the Minnesota State Director of Christians United for Israel. Tim is a Christian blogger writing “Fresh Manna” read in over 213 countries. He has a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Maranatha College. Most recently, Tim was named one of the top 55 blogging Pastors. He is one of the top Social Media influences in Minneapolis, Mn, including a strong presence on Twitter with over 154,000 followers..  His Twitter influence reaches around the world reaching 5 million timelines per month and virally reaching between 2 to 5 million people a day with the love of God through his Tweets on Twitter.

Tim and Renee are the parents of four children and seven grandchildren. He is a five time marathon finisher. He loves to golf and garden. He is an award winning gardener winning the Grand Prize in his city for his beautiful home garden. https://www.flickr.com/photos/25966655@N02/    https://todaysfreshmanna.wordpress.com/

7 thoughts on “About Pastor Tim Burt

  1. I appreciate God almighty for bringing you my way. I have been exceptionally blessed by you messages. God continually bless you sir.

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